Integrative and Functional Medicine Strategies for Physical and Emotional Healing


General Information

  • Use the above menu for general information about Sparks Family Medicine, Ltd., (“SFM”), the SFM Functional Medicine Program and the SFM Subtle Energy Program.
  • Click on the bullet points above to access Supplements, the Patient Portal, Resources, CAM Providers and to email the office, (general inquiries). 
  • Please visit this website frequently for updates.   

Contacting the Office

  • Office staff works Monday through Thursday.
  • The Patient Portal provides secure patient messaging. All health issues, supplement requests, and care plan questions need to be sent through the Patient Portal. Please only use email, phone and texts for general messages.  
  • Click Here to Access SFM’s Patient Portal.
  • Instructions for the Patient Portal are located HERE.
  • If you need a password reset or access to the Patient Portal, please CLICK HERE to contact the Office by email.

Office Notes

  • Office notes are available under “Encounter List” on the patient portal.  
  • It is important to review office notes to determine patient actions before the next visit. 

Mailing Address, Phone and Fax

  • Sparks Family Medicine, Ltd.
  • 10785 W. Twain Ave., Suite 221
  • Las Vegas, NV 89135
  • (702) 722-2200 Phone
  • (702) 722-2201 Fax


Working Remotely

Contact with Dr. Sparks and staff is available through the following avenues. Please allow time for requests to be processed by the staff.  

  1. Dr. Sparks and the staff will still be actively addressing patient issues through the patient portal. The patient portal provides secure communication for specific patient issues. If you have trouble accessing the patient portal, please contact the staff through one of the next two methods to gain access to the patient portal. 
  2. All calls to the office during regular business hours go to voice mail, with a transcribed copy of each voice mail being sent to staff email. These emails sometimes end up in the staff’s spam folders, however, so please email the office per the next method if you do not receive follow up to a voice mail message. 
  3. The general email for Sparks Family Medicine is contact@sparksfamilymedicine.com. This email is copied to several staff members. This email is best for general questions, for patient portal access requests or for follow up on a voice mail. 

All calls to the office after regular business hours still go to the answering service. This option is reserved for acute issues. Patients with medical emergencies should seek care at an urgent care or emergency room or dial 911.