Patient Portal Instructions

The Home Screen

After logging into the patient portal, you should see the “Home” screen.

The left column in blue has patient options under “Home.” These options are circled in red above. A greeting is displayed in the main window, (“Hello Brett”). Documents are typically displayed in the main window, while the left column may provides additional options under some selections.  


The first option under “Home” is “Messages.” Selecting this option allows patients to view or send messages. 

Selecting “Messages” opens the “Inbox” and “Sent Messages” tabs in the left column. The Inbox option is in bold, as it appears in the main window. Messages will appear under the blue bar in the main window. Options at the top of the main window under Inbox allow patients to Compose, Reply or Delete Messages. Patients may select “Sent Messages” in the left column to view the previous messages they have sent.  


Selecting “Appointments” opens the currently scheduled appointments in the main window. 

The option “Request New” opens a window to request a new appointment by entering the date, time and reason requested. Office staff will respond with the available appointment dates and times based on the reason. Once a requested appointment has been scheduled, it should appear in the main window for Appointments.

Note: Selecting the “Request New” option in the left menu will only reload the Appointments window. Patients must select “Request New” from the main window to request a new appointment.  

Refill Requests

Selecting “Refill Requests” opens the patient’s current medications in the main window. 

The option “Request New” opens a window to request a medical refill. Please provide the pharmacy requested, as many patients use both local pharmacies and mail order pharmacies. Please include the address or cross streets for local pharmacies. Patients should receive a confirmation that the staff has processed their medication refill request. 

Encounter List

Selecting “Encounter List” opens the completed office notes for each appointment in the main window. 

While this main window shows “No data,” patients with office notes can select the listed encounters and then select “View” to read each office note. Patient instructions are normally at the end of each office note. 

Medical Record

Selecting “Medical Record” opens a Continuity of Care Document in the main window.  completed office notes for each appointment in the main window. This document summarizes your patient information and care. It is helpful when seeing new providers or any time a patient needs to complete medical history paperwork. 

The Medical Record main window allows for the Continuity of Care Document to be downloaded (“Download file”) or emailed (“Transmit file”). A program to “unzip” the document is required. The Table of Contents shows the types of information that are included in the Continuity of Care Document. This information may be viewed by scrolling down in the Medical Record main window.  

Lab Results

Selecting “Lab Results” opens a list of labs that have been electronically transmitted to the office.  These tend to be labs that have been drawn at local draw station like Quest or LabCorp.

While this main window shows no lab results, patients with lab results can use the “Order Date” to display lab results by oldest lab result first or newest lab result first. 

Patient Documents

Selecting “Patient Documents” opens a list of documents that have been scanned into ReLiMed by the office staff or the patient. The main window defaults to “Uploaded by me” in the left column when Patient Documents is selected.

Under the “Uploaded by me” selection, are selections for “Diagnostic Imaging,” “Labs,” “Medication Lists” and “XRays.” The Lab selection under Patient Documents is where many specialty labs are available. 

Portal History, Patient Education and Online Payment

The patient portal provides a history of actions taken under “Portal History.” Sparks Family Medicine is not currently using the last two options of “Patient Education” and “Online Payment.”