Subtle Energy Program

Dr. Sparks is currently accepting patients into SFM’s Subtle Energy Program.  SFM’s Subtle Energy Program provides access to:

    • Exploration of emotional factors that impact mental and physical health and well-being.
    • Reiki sessions and light therapy sessions focused on self attunement, relaxation and stress reduction.
    • Online resources for mindfulness, meditation, tapping, breathing techniques and guided visualizations.


    • What is energy medicine/subtle energy?

Energy medicine is the third area within complementary and alternative medicine as defined by the National Institutes of Health in the late 1990s.1 Within energy medicine, subtle energy is the flow of energy that is not easily detectable or measurable by traditional standards at this time. Subtle energy is sometimes referred to as life force, chi, chakras, auras, biofields or prana.

    • Does everyone experience subtle energy the same?

Subtle energy is different for everyone. Some people are much more sensitive and/or perceptive to subtle energy. Energy healers and energy sensitive people are much more perceptive to subtle energy, but even people who aren’t aware of subtle energy may feel its effect. Subtle energy sessions may take many different modalities from meditation to tapping to yoga. People respond differently to each modality, so some people may find that one modality may be more productive than others to help address energy imbalances.

    • How do patients access SFM’s Subtle Energy Program?

Patients interested in accessing SFM’s Subtle Energy Program need to be approved by Dr. Sparks and execute an Subtle Energy Program Agreement that includes the fees for accessing functional medicine at SFM.

    • What are other costs are associated with SFM’s Functional Medicine Program?

The costs associated with SFM’s Subtle Energy Program may include: 1) SFM’s Functional Medicine Program access fee; 2) Office visit charges, which may or may not be billed to insurance; 3) The cost of specialty laboratory testing utilized in functional medicine; 4) The cost of supplements recommended and; 5) The cost of complementary services recommended.

SFM does not receive a financial benefit from specialty laboratory testing.