Workers Comp & MVAs

Work place injuries or injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident are typically covered by workers compensation insurance and motor vehicle policies rather than traditional health insurance.  If you suffer one of these injuries, you should be seen by a medical office that specializes in these fields. Offices versed in workers compensation and personal injuries often have the training to make a determination of permanent partial disability, for example. Sparks Family Medicine providers do not make determinations of permanent partial disability. Some other points:

Work place injuries

  • Information about workers compensation in Nevada is available HERE.
  • Using traditional health insurance for these injuries suffered at work can compromise the employee’s rights and benefits.
  • For work place injuries, contact the person responsible for human resources to determine the contracted “workers comp” provider.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs)

  • Useful information about auto accidents in Nevada from a private site–not the Nevada DMV–is available HERE.
  • Choosing the right personal injury medical provider is an important and sometimes challenging decision due to the frequent conflicting objectives of the injured, the treating practice, the personal injury attorney and the involved insurance companies.
  • Friends and family members are good resources for personal injury medical providers and attorneys recommendations.
  • While the staff of Sparks Family Medicine may provide patients with practices that treat personal injuries, Sparks Family Medicine and its providers do not endorse any personal injury practice.