Adult Triage Protocol (Click Here)

The American Academy of Family Physicians’ Adult Triage Protocol assists in determining:

1) Where the patient should receive care;
2) When the patient should receive care;
3) Who should provide appropriate level of care.

Symptoms are organized by location or system. The Level indicates the complexity of the symptom from low (I) to high (III). The Priority indicates the urgency of the visit from Immediate, Same day, 24-72 hours to Routine.

The Level and Priority help to determine patient care. Most Level III, Priority Immediate visits should go to the Emergency Room rather than the office. Examples include:
~ Childbirth, pending             ~ Seizing, active            ~ Drug overdose
~ Sepsis                                     ~ Chest pain, acute with risk factors

Most Level I and Level II visits may be seen in the office, with urgency determined by Priority.

Quick Tips to Help Patients

  • For information on work place or motor vehicle injuries, CLICK HERE.
  • A complete and accurate health history including all allergies, procedures and medication is vital to facilitate quality healthcare.
  • Prescription refills should be phoned to your pharmacy, which will fax a refill request to be reviewed by your provider. Please allow at least three business days for a prescription refill to be processed.
  • In most cases, it takes up to 2 weeks for you to be notified of lab results. If you have not been contacted after 2 weeks, please contact our office.
  • The medical staff is generally unavailable to take phone calls during office hours. Messages will be returned before clinic, during lunch or after hours.
  • Our office will not mail prescriptions or other health forms.
  • Understanding your insurance will facilitate medication refills, referral requests and payment obligations.
  • Please allow the necessary time for your insurance company to process referrals requiring authorization.